21st Century

About the brand

21st Century Health Care is one of the world's largest manufacturers of dietary supplements from the United States. The company has 7 strategic points around the world and is distributed to 50 different countries of the world with markings in dozens of languages. The company's strategy is to take into account consumer characteristics, religious views and dietary principles. When it comes to ingredients, packaging and innovation, 21st Century Health Care is out of competition.


The success of the food additives market is due to the continuous search for new solutions and combinations. Aiming to provide consumers with clinically proven, safe and effective products, as well as using modern design, 21st Century Health Care creates recognizable useful products, over 1000 health products. The product catalog is represented by vitamins, minerals, special additives, bone and cartilage products, equivalents of national brands, plant extracts, weight management products, diabetic products, herbal teas for health and weight loss, animal health products, natural deodorants, vegetarian additives.

Cal Mag Zinc + D3, a food additive containing three important minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc with vitamin D3, is especially popular from 21st Century Health Care products. The supplement helps strengthen teeth and bones, helps maintain heart health and muscle functions. A multivitamin and multimineral supplement containing more than 30 key nutrients is also popular, and One Daily for women is a similar complex of dietary supplements specifically focused on women's health.

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