Antioxidant Extreme – HOLY Basil Extract – Basil Powder – 3 Bottle 180 Capsules


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  • THE HISTORY: Tulsi, another name for Holy Basil, has a rich history dating back to ancient eastern uses 3,000 years ago. Mentioned in the Rig Veda around 1500 B.C., the sacredness of holy basil was celebrated in the Purana and is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • HEARTH SUPPORT: Holy Basil contains vitamin-C and other antioxidants such as eugenol, which can be beneficial for supporting healthy heart condition and can be helpful with harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, eugenol can be very beneficial for reducing the cholesterol levels.
  • LIVER SUPPORT: A couple of studies have investigated Tulsi’s can be beneficial for supporting healthy liver condition. Both studies showed Holy Basil had a positive effect upon the liver’s health.
  • SKIN AND HAIR BENEFITS: Loaded with anti-oxidants and other nutrients, Tulsi is also beneficial for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. However, the antioxidants or polyphenols present in this powerful herb help in fighting these radicals and delaying the signs of aging. So, our powerful formula can help you stay young and beautiful for years to come.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! In state-of-the-art facilities strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP)!
  • Antioxidant extreme – HOLY BASIL EXTRACT – Basil powder – 3 Bottle 180 Capsules POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT: Vitamin-C, A, phytonutrients and the essential oils in Holy Basil are excellent antioxidants and protect from nearly all the damage caused by free radicals. In the traditional Indian medicine system called Ayurveda, it is considered as a tonic to retain youth and avoid premature aging. STRESS RELIEVE: Holy basil’s natural can be helpful to relieve anxiety and stress naturally. This may, in fact, be the most important — and most evident — of all of Holy Basil’s benefits. “It’s significantly antioxidant, but it’s most enjoyed benefit is that it has a calming, tranquility producing, stress-reducing effect. IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Research from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences tested 24 healthy people. They gave either a placebo or 300 milligrams of Tulsi each day for four weeks. After the period, those who were given the Tulsi leaf extract showed significantly more stronger immune system. WEIGHT LOSS: You must have tried several weight loss products and supplements to shed those extra calories and achieve a healthy and slimmer body. If you are tired of trying several diet pills without any successful results, try Tulsi for effective and safe weight loss results. This natural herbal formula works by increasing your metabolism, which in turn helps in accelerating fat burning process. It provides a healthy and natural way to lose weight.




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