Ashwagandha 1950mg Organic Ashwagandha + Organic Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex


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  • ORGANIC ASHWAGANDHA: With so many subpar products on the current market, we saw a need for high-quality supplements that actually work. Our Ashwagandha is made with 100% USDA certified organic ashwagandha root powder. No leaves, no stems, no fillers. Just pure ashwagandha root with black pepper extract, the way it’s been used in India for over 2500 years.
  • NATURAL STRESS RELIEF: Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that provides a quick natural way to help fight and stress and negativity. Ashwagandha has also been shown to help with forgetfulness and alertness.
  • MOOD + THYROID SUPPORT: 90 veggie ashwagandha capsules with black pepper for increased absorption. Ashwagandha works to naturally reduce stress and boost thyroid function to improve mood. Ashwagandha, also known as withania somnifera, helps the body adapt to and handle mental, physical and emotional stress while also improving mood.
  • PROVEN PATENTED TURMERIC CURCUMIN: Watch out for turmeric curcumin supplements claiming high potency using ONLY 150 mg or less of 95% standardized curcuminoids, which is the active compound providing REAL health benefits. Our C3 Curcumin contains 500 mg of 95% standardized curcuminoids, and is pure organic turmeric with Bioperine, boswellia extract, ginger.
  • STANDARDIZED BOSWELLIA TURMERIC: Ultimate relief of achy joints and stiff muscles. Two potent inflammation-fighting herbs, using the highest standardized extracts: turmeric curcumin with 95% standardized curcuminoids and boswellia serrata with 65% standardized boswellic acid.
  • Tune Out the Noise. Tune Into You. The world is full of everyday stress, but sometimes the constant bombardment of media, messages and traffic can be overwhelming. You can’t ignore the world, but you can tune out the noise for a bit with powerful, extra-strength ashwagandha. It’s safe, all-natural and has been used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety. Active Compounds for Active Joints The effectiveness of turmeric comes from active compounds and standardized extracts. Most manufacturers either use small trace components of the active compounds (or don’t use them at all). Physician’s Choice uses 95% standardized curcuminoids and 65% standardized boswellic acid.


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