Chaga Supplements – Raw Chaga Powder (1lb), Chaga Mushroom Capsules (90 Capsules), Chaga Tea Bags (20 Bags)


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  • IMMUNE SUPPORT AND INFLAMMATION REDUCTION – Chaga is highly regarded as an effective adaptogen that helps the body manage stress. Rich in polysaccharides and beta-glucans important to maintaining a balanced immune system , Chaga wild forest tea helps to ease mild tension, relieve stress and helps inflammation reduction
  • RICH IN PHYTONUTRIENTS AND VITAMINS – Siberian Chaga is teeming with phytonutrients, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K, as well as manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, fiber. A premium antioxidant and liver support supplement with the highest ORAC value of any natural food . Protects cells against free radicals, helps detoxify the body, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, assists digestive health, enhances vitality of skin and hair and boosts energy levels.
  • NATURALLY BOOSTS ENERGY – Grown on Birch trees and wild harvested in pristine forests in Siberia , Chaga mushroom is supercharged with antioxidants. This energizing adaptogen naturally boosts energy, stamina and helps slow the aging process. Supports healthy blood sugar levels, digestive health, regulates sleep patterns, increases resistance to environmental stress and enhances the appearance of skin, hair and nails.
  • IMPROVE DIGESTION and DETOX: A healthy longevity tea to keep your digestive system in shape. Helps to relieve indigestion and effectively clears your body from toxins
  • SIBERIAN WILD, CAFFEINE FREE: Only Organic Chaga! No additive, fillers, GMO or added flavors. Harvested in pristine birch forests. Made with GMP compliance.
  • Chaga Raw Powder Although raw Chaga tea has only recently caught on in mainstream health circles, Russia folk medicine has leveraged the power of this medicinal mushroom since the 16th century. In its pure, virtually unprocessed form, Chaga raw powder has a high ORAC value, reflecting its ability to reduce oxidative stress. For the best raw Chaga benefits, combine Siberian Chaga powder with your favorite beverage. Chaga Extract Capsules Get the most out of Chaga supplement benefits on the go when you buy Chaga supplements from Sayan Health. Convenient and palatable, take this product daily for proactive health maintenance and potential immune system support. As the only company on the market to produce pure Siberian Chaga products, Sayan has simplified the way you can benefit from this powerful mushroom supplement. This dietary supplement could help you look and feel better as well as boost your energy and stamina. Chaga Tea Bags Siberian Chaga tea bags pack antioxidant-rich Chaga tea benefits in 20 convenient servings per box. All the way from Siberia’s Sayan Mountains, this tea gives you an energy boost without caffeine and can improve digestion.




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