Elderberry Gummies and Vitamin D – Bundle


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  • Powerful 3 in 1 immune gummy support – Our Delicious Elderberry Gummies combine Sambucus Elderberry, a potent antioxidant extract that helps support immune system health together with Vitamin C and Zinc to create the Perfect Natural 3-in-1 Immunity supporting Elderberry Gummies. Vitamin C and Zinc are both required for a healthy functioning immune system.*
  • Great tasting for the entire family – The Perfect Elderberry Vitamin Gummies for Adults and Kids. Our Delicious 100% Vegan Elderberry Gummies come in a Natural Berry Flavour and are packed with Superfood Immune supporting Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc which provide powerful daily immune support for the entire family all year round and which will keep you coming back for more.*
  • The ultimate sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D3 delivers the same Active Form of Vitamin D produced in the body as a result of direct sunlight without the risk of harmful UVB sun rays. Fresh Healthcare Premium Vitamin D3 contains 10,000 IU (250mcg) of Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) Per Serving in a Easy-to-Swallow Liquid Softgel Capsules combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Enhanced Absorption
  • Supports immune, heart, bone and muscle health: it is estimated that up to 50% of the population worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D has been shown to support healthy immune, heart, joint, and muscle function. It also helps in the absorption of calcium in the body to support healthy teeth and gums as well as supporting a sense of general well being. Our softgels make it easy for you to incorporate the benefits of Vitamin D3 in your daily life with our 300 Day Supply.*
  • Made in the USA with pure ingredients: Our Premium Vitamin D3 10,000 IU Supplement is encapsulated in Easy-to-Swallow Softgel Pills that are made from Sustainable Fish Gelatine making them Ideal for our customers who want to avoid Bovine or Pork Gelatin. Our Softgel Casing forms an Ideal Antioxidant Vacuum around the Vitamin D and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and which preserves its properties. It is Non GMO and is Made in the USA in our carefully selected GMP Facility and Tested for Purity.*
  • Elderberry Gummies and Vitamin D – Immune Support Bundle




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