Enzymedica, Black Elderberry On-The-Go Immune Powder Packs, Comprehensive Immune Support, 15 Powder Packs


IngredientsBlack Elderberry extract, probiotics, Zinc
Item Weight1.44 Ounces
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  • ON-THE-GO IMMUNE BOOST: Delicious Black Elderberry powder packs contain Black Elderberry extract, and deliver a full spectrum of antioxidants that support immune, sinus and respiratory health
  • TRIPLE ACTION SUPPORT: Unique formula features clinically studied Black Elderberry, probiotics, and the daily RDA OF zinc to fuel your body’s defense systems
  • FAST ACTING: Quick melt powder can be placed directly on your tongue, sprinkled on your favorite foods, or dissolved in your favorite beverage
  • CLINICALLY STUDIED ELDERBERRY: ElderCraft Black Elderberries have been clinically proven to help soothe a scratchy throat, support upper respiratory health and provide maximum immune system support
  • CONTAINS NO: Sugar, GMOs, gluten, milk, casein, soy, egg, artificial colors or flavors
  • Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc delivers fast and delicious on-the-go support for immune, sinus & respiratory health. These unique powder packs are naturally flavored and provide 80 elderberries in every serving. Premium European Haschberg-variety black elderberries (Sambucus nigra L.) are sustainably grown by an Austrian farmer cooperative and have been safely used for generations to promote healthy immune function and a strong defense system. Cold processed without solvents, ElderCraft European Black Elderberry represents the finest black elderberry extract available and has been clinically proven to support robust immune health. This unique, triple action formula also contains a clinically proven probiotic, Bacillus subtilus DE11 that supports digestive and immune health, and the daily RDA of zinc that also helps fuel your body’s immune system. The quick dissolving powder melts on your tongue, can be dissolved in water, or can be sprinkled on your favorite foods like ice cream or yogurt. Good for kids 4 to 104, boost your immune system every day with these delicious on-the-go immune powder packs!




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