Flexofytol Bio-optimized Turmeric Extract for Joints and Arthritis – 180 Gel-Caps


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  • The rhizome of turmeric contains a set of substances called curcuminoides, whose curcumin is most important. It is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the flexibility of the joints, muscles and tendons. To obtain an optimal activity, it would be necessary to swallow daily very large quantities of turmeric because curcumin is very poorly absorbed by the body and does not penetrate well in blood. The bio-optimized extract, exclusive to Flexofytol, is obtained via a formulation process that makes the curcumin easier to absorb than turmeric powder. Ingredients per capsule: Emulsifier (polysorbate 80), bio-optimized extract of Curcuma longa standardised to 42 milligrams of cur cumin, acidifying agent (citric acid) – Capsule : gelatine, glycerol, colours (titanium dioxide, carmine, iron oxide), water.




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