Gymnema sylvestre 500 – Blood Sugar Support – Sugar Supplements (2 Bottles – 120 Capsules)


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  • Gymnema sylvestre 500 mg – blood sugar support – sugar supplements (2 bottles – 120 capsules) what is blood sugar? – blood sugar or blood glucose level is the amount of glucose present in the blood. Blood glucose is a tightly regulated biochemical parameter in blood. It is important for metabolic homeostasis. our unique formula contains naturally derived ingredients – vitamin c (ascorbic acid) vitamin e (d-alpha toco. Acetate) magnesium (oxide) biotin zinc (oxide) manganese (as amino acid chelate) chromium (amino acid chelate), banaba (extract) guggle bitter melon licorice extract cinnamon (herb powder) gymnema sylvestre (powder) yarrow (herb powder) cayenne (herb powder) juniper berry (powder) huckleberry (herb powder) vanadyl sulfate alpha lipoic acid l-taurine chromium that helps control blood sugar – chromium supplementation is a simple method to improve blood sugar control. Several studies have evaluated the effect of chromium on glucose levels and significant number of these studies have shown that chromium can normalize blood sugar levels and improve blood sugar utilization. cinnamon – cinnamon may be a promising supplement to normalize your blood sugar level. The researchers also say that it’s possible that the source of the cinnamon and the means by which it’s extracted from cinnamon bark could make a difference as far as its effects on blood glucose levels. banaba – banaba leaf is a traditional asian herbal medicine used to normalize blood sugar level. In recent times it has garnered international attention for its ability to support normal blood sugar without adverse side effects. Modern science continues to build the case for banaba as an effective way to help manage blood sugar.




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