Increase Sexual Drive for Men – TONGKAT ALI Root Extract 200:1 (LONGJACK) – Longjack tongkat ali Extract 200 to 1-2 Bottles 120 Capsules


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  • TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK): Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Malaysian ginseng or tongkat ali, is a natural herb native to the Malaysian rain forests. Like many other exotic plants, tongkat ali is popular in traditional medicine. Its primary use has been to promote healthy libido and support normal sexual performance in males.
  • TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – BOOST ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: It can help boost performance and endurance which is especially handy for intense training sessions. In turn leading to developing better athletic abilities, enabling you to reach new heights in terms of performance as an athlete.
  • TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – INCREASE MUSCLE MASS AND FAT LOSS: For the athletes, if you are not interested in the sex part, which you probably still are, tongkat ali extract also has been shown to increase muscle and boost fat loss.
  • TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – SUPPORT HEALTHY MOOD: According to a study published in the ISSN Journal, 200 mg of TA root extract taken every day can be beneficial for lowering cortisol levels leading to improvements in one’s stress and support healthy mood.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: PREMIUM QUALITY SUPPLEMENT PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! We use only the very best ingredients, all of which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP).
  • Increase sexual drive for men – TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT 200:1 (LONGJACK) – Longjack tongkat ali extract 200 to 1 – 2 Bottles 120 Capsules TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – NATURAL LIBIDO ENHANCEMENT: Tongkat ali is probably best-known and most used for its aphrodisiac qualities. It has long been used in South East Asia to help deal with low levels of libido and more recently a number of studies have demonstrated that it does have libido enhancing potential. TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER: The root of tongkat ali has been used to increase testosterone levels for a very long time indeed. It contains chemical compounds that studies have repeatedly shown can increase testosterone levels. An increase in testosterone has many beneficial knock-on effects for sexual performance, muscle growth and libido. TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – BOOST MUSCLE STRENGTH: Tongkat ali may increase muscle mass and strength due to its purported effects on testosterone levels. It is sometimes used as to boost athletic performance, physical strength, and to promote fat loss. In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that 100 mg/day of a Eurycoma longifolia extract for five weeks increased muscle mass and strength in men. TONGKAT ALI ROOT EXTRACT (LONGJACK) – BOOST SEXUAL PERFORMANCE: What else could you expect from higher testosterone levels and libido but better sex? Tongkat Ali is an amazing aphrodisiac that also greatly improves sexual performance.


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