Natural Digestive Supplements – Hawthorn Extract – Heart Supplements for Women – 2 Bottles 240 Capsules


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  • FIRST AND FOREMOST: The best-known herb for the heart and chest pain in western herbalism is hawthorn. The comely hawthorn is a dense tree with small, sharp thorns growing to 25 feet. It has small strong-smelling white flowers with rose-like petals and bright red berries containing one or two large seeds. Hawthorns are native to Europe, North America and Asia. In both the East and West, hawthorn has been used for millennia as both a food and a medicine.
  • POWERFUL BLEND: Contains Hawthorn flower and leaf extract, Garlic bulb powder, and Cayenne (Capsicum annum) fruit powder. This strong all-natural extract of hawthorn may increase blood flow to heart in attempt to reduce its workload and help counteract the lack of blood flow to it.
  • DIGESTION AID: The many natural compounds found in hawthorn interact with gut flora to improve digestion. Additionally, the fiber in hawthorn improves the digestive process, helping with constipation, bloating and cramping.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT: May increase heart’s tolerance to oxygen deficiency, such as stress or excitement, and act as a powerful free-radical scavenger, protecting the heart against the harmful effects of lessened oxygen.
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  • Natural digestive supplements – HAWTHORN EXTRACT – Heart supplements for women – 2 Bottles 240 Capsules Hawthorn Extract: So, what exactly are hawthorn and how can they benefit you? Hawthorn, or “haws” as they’re often called, are used for both health-boosting and culinary purposes. More importantly, they’re loaded with bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins and other antioxidants, making hawthorn particularly effective for cardiovascular care. BLOOD PRESSURE SUPPORT: Hawthorn is one of those unique food items that does not necessarily raise or lower blood pressure; it actually stabilizes it. Whether your blood pressure is too high or too low, the compound mixture in hawthorn is able to establish a healthy blood pressure in your system. STRESS RELIEF: May have an effective relaxing effect on the functioning of the nervous system. Clinical researches suggest that Hawthorn may aid in relieving excessive stress and anxiety, calming agitation, lessening restlessness and reducing palpitations. The herb also may induce sleepiness in people who find it difficult to sleep. POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT: Hawthorn contain active compounds with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that scavenge free radicals, which alter cell membranes. Free radicals contribute to premature aging and many other health problems. Antioxidants found in hawthorn counteract free radicals and may reduce or prevent some of the damage they cause.


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