Planetary Herbals Loquat Respiratory Syrup,4 Fluid Ounce


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  • Loquat leaf has been used to help keep lungs clear
  • The leaves are harvested year-round, and are used in teas and syrups to support a calm and clear chest and lungs 
  • The loquat is not only celebrated for its beauty and taste, but its leaves (called pi paye) are famed for their bounty of health benefits
  • Loquat Respiratory Syrup Traditional Chinese herbalists have used the leaves of the loquat tree to support respiratory health since at least 500 A.D. Planetary Herbals Loquat Respiratory Syrup combines loquat leaves with other key botanicals including the inner barks of slippery elm and wild cherry, two botanicals long used by traditional western herbalists for supporting respiratory health.


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