Prostate Help – Prostate Support – Herbal Prostate Support Supplement to Boost Testosterone Levels and libido (2 Bottles 120 Capsules)


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  • PROSTATE SUPPORT: The prostate is an integral part of a guy’s “manhood”. Prostate health has been widely recognized to be important for men 50 and over. But in recent years, the importance of prostate health to men in their 30s and 40s has become more widely known. Some influencing factors known to affect prostate health include diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors.
  • INGREDIENTS BLEND: Vitamine E, Vitamine B6, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Saw Palmetto (40-45% extract), Beta-Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, Red Raspberry, Gravola, Green Tea, Cat’s Claw, Broccoli, Lycopene, Stinging Nettle, Maitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom 4:1 Extract, Shitake Mushroom.
  • SAW PALMETTO AS AN APHRODISIAC:Saw palmetto berries have recently come under scientific scrutiny for their potential in treating urinary tract infections and this is perhaps how they gained their reputation as aphrodisiacs. Although the impact of saw palmetto primarily affects testosterone pathways, as a natural aphrodisiac. Saw palmetto berries prepared the body for healthy sex and even sexual pleasure, they were believed to act as aphrodisiac.
  • SAW PALMETO AND TESTOSTERONE LEVELS: Healthy testosterone levels have been associated with virility, strength and weight management. As saw palmetto inhibits the conversion of testosterone, the body retains higher levels of testosterone for use. A greater presence of testosterone helps regulate body weight, maintain a more positive mood, and encourages better sexual function.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: 60 capsules of our nutritional product by Sport Supplements may boost your sexual performance and increase virility.
  • Prostate health supplement with saw palmetto – Prostate Support – support male sexual performance, prostate health and sexual pleasure, balance testosterone levels, boost your sexual performance and increase virility (Each bottle 60 capsules) Men’s Prostate Health Prostate health will likely be an issue in nearly every man’s life, beginning around the age of 50. The right supplements can help, and they consist mainly of three herbs including saw palmetto, pygeum and stinging nettles; the minerals selenium and zinc; and the lycopene; with supporting help from vitamin E. Saw Palmetto and Prostate Health Saw palmetto is available in two forms: herb, which provides saw palmetto the way it appears in nature; and an extract, guaranteed to provide a certain percentage of fatty acids. While a standardized extract has the reputation of being better because the fatty acid content is higher, a whole herb formula also provides the other compounds unique to saw palmetto, and they possibly work with the fatty acids. Selenium for Prostate Health Selenium demonstrates a strong evidence for prostate health. Selenium is an important antioxidant, plus our bodies need it to make enzymes involved in the production of other antioxidants. Selenium works well when paired with Vitamin E and Vitamin E has also been identified as beneficial for prostate health. Lycopene benefits Lycopene is associated entirely with prostate health. It is beneficial for other concerns, including cardiovascular and vision health. This antioxidant, found in tomatoes has become a staple ingredient in many prostate formulas. Thus, lycopene can be considered as a highly important nutrient for men’s health. Suggested use As a dietary supplement take 3 (three) capsules daily.


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